Fidel Castro Meets with Russian Orthodox Church Leader

Patriarch Kirill with Fidel Castro in Havana on Feb. 13, 2016. Photo by Alex Castro
Patriarch Kirill with Fidel Castro in Havana on Feb. 13, 2016. Photo by Alex Castro

HAVANA TIMES — Russian Orthodox Church Leader, Patriarch Kirill, paid a private visit on Saturday afternoon to the house of Fidel Castro in Havana.

Kirill is on a 4-day visit to the island where he met with Pope Francis on Friday to mend fences between their distanced church institutions and defend Christianity and peace. On Saturday he met with Cuban president Raul Castro.

During their meeting, Fidel praised Kirill’s “contribution to strengthening the friendship between the Russian and Cuban people and the promoting of values that unite them,” stated the official Cuban press.

In 2001, Fidel Castro authorized the building of a Russian Orthodox Church in Old Havana, which was opened in 2008.

The visit was Kirill’s fourth to Cuba.

8 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Meets with Russian Orthodox Church Leader

  • I don’t agree. Yes, there will always be the bootlickers. But, Castro’s reputation will never be free of critics.

  • The problem for them is, few outside of south Florida believe what those witnesses say. When both Fidel and those witnesses are all dead and gone, it’s Castro who the general public will remember in an almost cartoonishly fond manner.

  • Fidel was, is, and always will be controversial at best. There are too many living witnesses to his crimes against the Cuban people.

  • As a Cuban I can honestly say that you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Fidel will always be that night with shining armor who stood up to the American evil empire and he deserves his rest may God have mercy on him and all of us ,
    like I’ve said before if it wasn’t for Fidel Castro Cuba would have been a part of that American blood bath which was inflicted on Center and South America ,
    Viva Fidel

  • Nikolai Fyodorovich Fyodorov (Russian: ???????? ????????? ???????; surname also Anglicized as “Fedorov”) (June 9, 1829 – December 28, 1903) was a Russian Orthodox Christian philosopher, who was part of the Russian cosmism movement and a precursor of transhumanism. Fyodorov advocated radical life extension, physical immortality and even resurrection of the dead, using scientific methods

  • At one point, Fidel was probably the world’s most famous atheist. It’s almost hilarious how the same guy who imprisoned priests and tore down churches is first in line to get a private audience with the Pope and now Patriarch Kirill. I suppose as he nears the end, he wants to hedge his bets. If I had caused the hell Fidel has caused for the Cuban people, I would try to meet these guys too.

  • Fidel is looking frail as do many men his age.
    but his mind and principles remain strong.
    History will note him very favorably despite the present power of the corporate media and the resulting public attitudes in the free enterprise capitalist world.
    The victor gets to write history in the future and it will not be the imperialist version. as we have it now.

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