Fidel Castro on Cuba TV Tonight

HAVANA TIMES, July 12 – Five days after his first public appearance in four years former Cuban President Fidel Castro will reappear this evening live on the Round Table program broadcast by Cuba’s state-run television.  The show will be dedicated to the situation in the Middle East.  Castro has dedicated several of his Reflections to the issue of a possible war between Iran, the United States and Israel.

The former president made a surprise public appearance on July 7th during a visit to the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNIC) in Havana.   While still holding the top post of the Communist Party, Fidel gave up his post as president at the end of July 2006 after undergoing serious intestinal surgery.

One thought on “Fidel Castro on Cuba TV Tonight

  • Hey guys, do you remember the photos of Fidel Castro’s cadaver which the gusanos in Miami published shortly after July 31, 2006? They were very good in using Photo Shop!

    I watched him in the life feed from Tele Sur tonight, and the “cadaver” appeared very healthy to me.

    They won’t be dancing tonight on the streets of Miami.

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