Fidel Castro Supports Bolivia’s Demand for Sea Exit

HAVANA TIMES — Bolivia should have an exit to the Pacific Ocean, wrote Fidel Castro in a letter to President Evo Morales over the weekend, reported  Bolivia became landlocked after losing part of its territory to Chile in their war back in 1879.

“From the lands taken from Bolivia, the bourgeoisie and the imperialists extract billions of dollars each year,” said Castro.

The  message of support from Fidel came as Evo Morales presented a suit against Chile at the World Court in The Hague, Holland, in an attempt to regain sea access.

2 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Supports Bolivia’s Demand for Sea Exit

  • Can anyone advise what the official Cuban position was during the time of the Allende government while Bolivia had a right-wing regime.

    Many borders are the result of injustice. All borders in South America are artificial. The solution is integration. Ever had a look at the map of 1879 say in Europa? Who wants to go back there? Can you imagine the bloodshed and human misery. Of course where countries have been annexed as in West Papua, Tibet or Western Sahara independence from an occupying power is a legitimate aspiration and right.. However, any attempt to move borders back to where they where 134 years ago is irresponsible nonsense. The solution is integration not confrontation. Evo Morales has had more resistance from those he claims to represent, the indigenous peoples of Bolivia, than he had expected.Like Christina Fernández he now resorts to nationalistic jingoism. Coincidence?

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