HAVANA TIMES, July 17 — Former President Fidel Castro met in Havana on Friday with senior Cuban Foreign Affairs officials including numerous ambassadors.  His talk centered on the threats to humanity posed by possible US attacks on Iran and/or North Korea.

“What they are doing to Iran is a carbon copy of what they did to Mohamed Mossadegh, the former Iranian prime minister ousted after a coup encouraged by Washington and other Western powers when he began a process of nationalization of Iranian resources in the 1950s,” Fidel Castro was quoted as telling the diplomatic corps.

Castro —who came out of seclusion after four years of recovery outside the public view— resurfaced on July 7 and ever since has been actively reinserting himself into everyday Cuban life.  The senior advisor to the government of Raul Castro has thus far kept his statements to international issues, leaving the domestic front to his brother.

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  • PS: Achieving socialism in the U.S. or any country–Cuba included–is possible by redefining what authentic, workable socialism truly is. We believe in using the institutions of private property rights and the market for socialist construction. This involves direct cooperative ownership of the instruments of production by those who do the work, not by the socialist state. It involves political democracy and the natural elimination of bureaucracy.

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