Field Trip to Cuba Costs US Teacher

HAVANA TIMES, July 21 — A former New York City school teacher was banned from returning to the school district for having taken five students on a field trip to Cuba back in 2007 with their parents consent.

According to a Wall Street Journal report on Wednesday, the teacher, Nathan Turner, “ignored instructions not to go to Cuba and potentially exposed students to civil and criminal penalties,” under the US travel ban that prohibits ordinary US citizens from traveling to Cuba without a special Treasury Deptartment license.

The article refers to Turner, 39, as a self declared communist who wanted “to see Castro one more time before he died.”

One thought on “Field Trip to Cuba Costs US Teacher

  • This is all the proof anyone needs that the U.S. is not much of a democracy at all. There’s plenty more of course. But of course too: the U.S. Left is essentially a non-entity, being more-or-less permanently attached to the backside of the uber-bourgeois U.S. Democratic Party. And so little-to-nothing can be done about fighting this official State criminality.

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