Fifteen Accountants Die during the Covid-19 Crisis in Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s Certified Public Accountants Association reports 15 deaths among its members and 16 of their relatives during the covid-19 pandemic

By Yader Luna (Confidencial)

HAVANA TIMES – The Nicaraguan Certified Public Accountants Association (CCPN) declared a “permanent mourning” during the period of health crisis that the country is experiencing due to the death of 15 of its members and 16 family members, amid the covid-19 pandemic.

“It is a commitment of the Public Accountants Association, its Board of Directors, Honor Committee and general membership to pay posthumous tribute to the distinguished members, whose passing has enveloped our institution in mourning,” they said in a public statement.

The statement signed by the secretary of the CCPN board of directors, Eddy Madrigal Urbina, indicates that they will keep the flag at half-mast in the pavilions of their center.

They also note that as a sign of admiration and respect for the deceased accountants, they will be named as “honorable colleagues”.

The deceased

The deceased accountants of the Association are: Lino Saravia Orozco, José Urbina Sequeira, Mitchel Chavarría Moncada, Mario José Cerrato Baldizón, Douglas Morales, Pedro Morales García, Juan Ortega Espinoza, Pedro Oviedo Blandón, Ángel Talavera Salas, Ángela Herradora Rivera, Manuel Zapata Taleno, Héctor Reyes Silva, Armando Morales Cacho, Douglas Flores Pérez and David Ulloa Morales.

The former president of this organization, Giovanny Rodríguez, affirmed that they are dismayed “for the death of so many prominent members in such a short time.”

“At the guild level this is of great concern, because so many deaths are a totally atypical case, including some Association founders and others being professors with distinguished professional careers,” he said.

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  • There have been as of this writing nearly half million deaths world wide. In my 30 years as an I have ever witnessed anything like this. And I was born in Cuba where people know suffering.

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