Film “Una Noche” Premieres in Havana

From the film: De “Una Noche”

HAVANA TIMES — The film Una noche (One Night), by the British filmmaker Lucy Mulloy, will be premiered on September 8 at Havana’s La Rampa Theater, reported the newspaper Juventud Rebelde.

The paper mentions the young actor Dariel Arrechaga, who awarded Best Actor during the 11th Tribeca Film Festival in New York, but avoids mentioning the actors Javier Nunez Anallin the Rua de la Torre, who have decided to remain in the United States.

The US-Cuban-British co-production focuses on the misadventures of a strange love triangle between the two youth and the sister of one of them who tries to cross the 90 miles that separate Cuba from Miami.

Una Noche received awards for Best Director and Best Cinematography awards at the New York festival in April, and this past July won the Best Screenplay award at the First International Film Festival of Brasilia, reports the Café Fuerte website.