Robert Zurbano
Robert Zurbano

HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban intellectual Roberto Zurbano, has been “liberated” (the Cuban government language for dismissed) from his position as director of the publishing house of Casa de las Americas, following the publication in The New York Times of an article critical of racism in Cuba.

Zurbano told a meeting of the Regional African Descent in Latin America and the Caribbean, Cubano Chapter (ARAC), the decision of Casa de las Americas was to offer him another position.

Meanwhile, ARAC issued a public statement (in Spanish) “strongly supporting the free expression of ideas by all of its activists”, and opposed “institutional or personal procedures that are of a repressive or obstructive nature against any participant in such controversies”.

8 thoughts on “Fired for Criticizing Racism in Cuba

  • Zurbano is a traitor and had he really had any real issues why now/ In Cuba we call him a house negro

  • So much for freedom of speech. When will we all realize that until the reality of racism is admitted and discussed, it will remain a festering cancer in our society? Having been to Cuba recently, I can attest to the fact that racism is alive and well and all you have to do is scratch the surface to find it. In terms of the Zurbano comments, if he is incorrect in his assessment, then the proper response is an open and public dialogue, not muzzling the voice. “No se puede tapar el cielo con las manos.” Reality is reality, whether officialdom chooses to recognize it or not.

  • Zurbano’s article has generated much discussion in the States and in Europe. Despite vilification (as exemplified by a column I read the other day in ESCAMBREY), or silence by the official Cuban press, I’m sure just as much discussion is being generated on independent blogs in Cuba. Essentially, I agree with Zurbano’s points in the NYT article, echoed by many of the commentators here. Of course the racism in Cuba, as well as here in the States, is intertwined with class. Both problems will not be solved by denial and sweeping them under the rug, which once again is the Revolution’s lame response.

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