FM Comments on Cuba-EU Relations

HAVANA, TIMES June 11 — Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez reiterated to his Spanish counterpart Miguel Angel Moratinos in a meeting in Paris that the Common Position “is the principal obstacle for the full normalization of relations” between the European Union and the island, reported a Foreign Ministry press release.  The 27 nation EU will approve next week the conclusions of their annual review of ties with Cuba, reported IPS.

One thought on “FM Comments on Cuba-EU Relations

  • “Peaceful Coexistence”, as practiced by stalinists the World over — and even to this moment — is in its very essence *counter-revolutionary* and outright opportunistic and reactionary. It is NOT revolutionary in any way, shape or form. Or intent. It was always a main means to weaken and thwart the revolutionary socialist impulse in the World. It was, and is, an abomination, to be cast ruthlessly aside by REAL revolutionists.

    The “focoist” strategy as practiced by the Cuban Revolution OTOH, may have been more-or-less and abject failure, historically; but this doesn’t mean that it was wrong to use these particular tactics — just that they were inappropriate to the circumstances. And maybe most circumstances. However it’s obvious they worked quite well — to a certain extent — in Cuba.

    My point here is that “Peaceful Coexistence” should not be sought with the bourgeois imperialist regimes of Europa. They are the enemy of socialists and workers everywhere.

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