FMLN Thanks Cuba for Educating 400 MDs

HAVANA TIMES — The governing Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN), of El Salvador thanked the Cuban government for the training of 400 doctors who have returned to the Central American country.

“On behalf of the Political Committee of the party (FMLN) I would like to send a greeting. This week saw the conclusion of young graduates returning from Cuba as physicians. A total of 400 new doctors entering the country,” said the leader and deputy Roberto Lorenzana.

This is the largest number of Salvadoran doctors graduating in Cuba.

The politician added: “We extend our congratulations for this victory, for that achievement, which is both a triumph for the people of El Salvador and in the same sense a new appreciation to the people and government of Cuba for having given such a huge collaboration.”

“The new professionals finished seven years of intense theoretical and practical study. Now we hope this is reflected in the improvement of the living conditions of the Salvadoran people, particularly in the health issue,” said Lorenzana.

The Salvadoran doctors studied at the Latin American School of Medicine, where young people from 122 countries worldwide are being trained.

The project for training large numbers of foreign doctors in Cuba began after 1998, when Cuba offered technical and professional support to Central America as part of the damage caused by Hurricane “Mitch”.