Four Cuban Women on Hunger Strike in Bahamas

HAVANA TIMES  – Four Cuban women remain on a hunger strike that began on Sunday in the prison where they are detained in the Bahamas. Their protest is aimed at not being sent back to Cuba, reports Diario de Cuba.

“They’ve sprayed tear gas at us, and among us are two minors,” said Mairelis Gonzalez, 22, from the Nassau Detention Center where a total of 33 Cubans are held after having arrived to the Bahama coasts in different groups.

“We don’t want to return to Cuba. We left seeking a better life,” pleaded Mairelis, seconded by Dayana Lopez Cortes (18), Yurisleidis Gonzalez Ortueta (19) and Yaima Gonzalez Ortiz (27).

On previous occasions human rights organizations have denounced the treatment received by Cuban emigrants at this detention center, states Diario de Cuba.