Free Trips to Cuba for Young Cuban Americans

Daniel-Jimenez-HAVANA TIMES — A recently formed group called the CubaOne Foundation, started by four young Cuban American professionals, is offering free trips to Cuba for a limited number of Cuban Americans between the ages of 22 and 35.  The goal is to help them “explore their heritage, meet their Cubans peers, and bring people together.”

The founders hail from South Florida and are planning four one week trips in 2016, each with 10 freebies.  They hope to expand the  program in the following year.

The first trip is set for June 25 – July 1 and the deadline for applying is May 14th.  It will be followed by other trips in July, October and December.

The group says: “The trips will be structured around the participants’ interests. The participants will have a chance to meet their young Cuban peers, explore their heritage, meet relatives, and see where their family grew up.”

A selection committee will review the applications to select the winning participants for each trip. The foundation will pay for the participants’ airfare, meals and home-stay lodging while in Cuba.

The group says the funding to make possible the trips comes from “companies, foundations, and individuals who share our mission.” They further note: “We have no plans to accept government or public funding.”


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  • Let’s hope that they visit real Cuba not just Havana and the tourist resorts.

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