French Triple Jumper Teddy Tamgho Trains in Cuba

Teddy Tamgho. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – French triple jumper Teddy Tamgho, the Moscow 2013 world champion, is training in Havana since September 2, preparing for the Beijing 2015 Championships, reported the website of Radio Habana Cuba.

Tamgho, 25, traveled to the island to be trained under the eye of former Cuban jumper Ivan Pedroso, taking part most days in two training sessions, alternating the beach and the track.

Tamgho, the only active triple jumper registering over 18 meters (18.04), also holds the world indoor record universal with 17.92, achieved at the European Championships in Paris 2011.

Only two other triple jumpers have overcome the barrier of 18 meters: Britain’s Jonathan Edwards (18.29), US athlete Kenny Harrison (18.09).