Gabriel Boric Invites Sergio Ramirez to his Inauguration in Chile

Gabriel Boric and Sergio Ramirez

By 100% Noticias

HAVANA TIMES – Chile’s president-elect, Gabriel Boric, has invited the exiled Nicaraguan author, Sergio Ramirez Mercado, to his inauguration on March 11. Ramirez shared the invitation letter on his twitter account thanking Boric for the invitation and “again my gratitude for his solidarity with our Nicaragua,” he said.

Sergio Ramírez went into exile in Spain, after being summoned by the prosecutor’s office in Nicaragua, who accused him of “conspiring” and “inciting hatred.” Statements that have been rejected by the 2017 Cervantes Prize winner.

“In my capacity as President-elect, I have the honor to invite you in a very special way to the ceremony of transfer and assumption of the presidency, which will take place on March 11 of this year in the National Congress,” Boric told Ramírez.

Boric said that through their votes the people of Chile “have granted me the high dignity of leading the Government of my country as President of the Republic, during the period 2022-2026”

“We want to share with fellow travelers who, from other countries and nations, are working to build a present and a future of greater dignity, justice and well-being for all, both for their own peoples and from a global perspective,” Boric added in the letter sent to Ramírez.

Ramirez has an arrest warrant out issued by Daniel Ortega’s prosecutor’s office, which fabricated the narrative that the Luisa Mercado Foundation, which promotes the written word, received money from abroad to “destabilize” the country.

“They will never silence me,” replied Ramirez. He assured that the crimes he is accused of are the same “for which many worthy and brave Nicaraguans are imprisoned in the dungeons of the same family.”

Boric condemns Ortega

On February 4, the President-elect of Chile, Gabriel Boric, described the guilty verdict against Dora María Tellez, a former guerrilla commander and a key figure in the fight against the Anastasio Somoza dictatorship in Nicaragua, as “a disgrace.” Tellez was also declared “disqualified from holding public office,” if she survives her long prison term.

Boric shared the tweet of the Legal Defense Unit that reported this past Thursday afternoon the result of the judicial farce against Tellez.

In an interview that Boric gave to a Uruguayan radio station, he lamented the democratic setback that Nicaragua has suffered under the regime of Daniel Ortega, who imposed himself in power, for a fourth consecutive term, through electoral farce on November 7, when he ran without competition since he had jailed opposition leaders and seven potential presidential candidates.

“The permanent allegation that certain leftists make to the self-determination of peoples to even end up justifying their deviations or inappropriate behavior, such as limitations on freedom of expression, on assembly, is something that we have to confront more openly. Nicaragua is brutal in that sense,” Chile’s president-elect told the Uruguayan radio station M24.                                    

Boric, who comes from the left and is from the Communist Party of Chile, also spoke on November 7th about the voting in Nicaragua where abstentionism prevailed and empty ballot boxes reigned as the vast majority of the citizens repudiated the “electoral farce.”

On that same day Boric added, “I have no doubt that the show put on today by Ortega-Murillo in Nicaragua is a farce and does not meet the basic standards to be considered a legitimate election. My solidarity with Sergio Ramirez, Dora Maria Tellez, Cristiana Chamorro and all the people that resist,” said Boric.

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