Gabriel Boric Meets with His Old Rival Ricardo Lagos

“I have a duty to learn from those who I have disagreed with”

Chilean president Gabriel Boric (l) with former president Ricardo Lagos

Despite past differences, the President highlighted the lucidity of one of his predecessors, who advised him on “the art of governing.”

By El Mostrador

HAVANA TIMES – Gabriel Boric’s meeting with Ricardo Lagos generated comments about the political evolution of Boric, who stressed his duty to dialogue and learn from those with whom he had disagreed in the past, appreciating Lagos’ contribution to democracy and the homeland.

President Boric shared on social networks his impressions of the meeting and the advice received from former President Ricardo Lagos. “We got together to talk about Chile and the lessons learned from history 50 years after the coup,” said the President.

The Head of State said that Ricardo Lagos was “a bit bruised” by a fall from which he is already recovering but affirmed that “with his usual lucidity he advised me on the difficulties of the art of governing.”

Lawrence Lamonica, former president of the Chilean American Foundation and who defines himself on social networks as an international business and investment advisor between Latin America and the United States, commented on President Boric’s publication and told him: “The turns of life,” recalling when the then deputy for Magallanes affirmed that Ricardo Lagos represented “the worst face” of the New Majority.

President Boric responded to the comment and declared: “I am President of the Republic and as such I have the duty to dialogue and learn from those who I have disagreed with in the past, even more so if they are a living part of the history of our country and have always been committed with democracy and the homeland, like former President Lagos. Greetings”.

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