Garbage Piles Up on the Havana Coastline

Photo: Juan Suárez

One of many such views along the Havana coastline.

HAVANA TIMES – The problem of garbage along the Havana coastline and even reaching to the beaches to the east of the city is becoming ever more apparent.

The subject was one of the topics in an interview we published yesterday titled “Cuba in the Eyes of Some US Tourists”.

While trash piles up on many streets of the capital with a chronically insufficient collection service, it’s no surprise that we find scenes like this one facing the Flores neighborhood between el Náutico and el Palco on the west side of Havana.


4 thoughts on “Garbage Piles Up on the Havana Coastline

  • I have seen everyday Cubanos including children just simply discarding trash on the pavement without batting and eye. Cuba won’t be beautiful, if this garbage problem beautiful persists.

  • Everyone worries about oil spills in the ocean, but rafts of plastic garbage are becoming a bigger threat. Sea organisms do eventually mop up oil, but the plastic is not even bio-degradable.

  • I witnessed the very same scene on a recent holiday in Cuba (Dec 2016). Really horrible to witness what should be a beautiful city harbour/beach so utterly neglected.

  • This is a disgrace in any country. It has nothing to do with politics. Everyone wants to “save the environment”, but no one can pick up garbage?

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