Gay Film on Havana Valentine’s Day

Enrique Pineda Barnet

HAVANA TIMES, Feb 9 — The controversial film Verde, verde, by Enrique Pineda Barnet, will be presented on February 14 in the capital’s “Cinema 23 y 12” theater, reported the Cuban website Noticine.

The psychological thriller about homosexual seduction had its official premier this past December at the Chaplin Theater during the Havana Film Festival and is returning as a part of the “Cineclub Diferente” program coordinated by film critic Frank Padron.

Barnet and the cast will attend the showing, where they plan to display the film’s new poster that reads “Not as hard as the first,” which showed a dagger with a handle shaped like a penis,” explained Noticine.

The film is said to be confronting the deep sexism and homophobia that exists in Cuba. “It guarantees a lot of controversy as well as discomfort for those who don’t want to change their dogmatic ways of thinking,” added the article.

Among his many achievements, Pineda Barnet is acclaimed for his work in directing the brilliant film La Bella del Alhambra.