Generators from Cuba Failing in Venezuela

HAVANA TIMES — Over 70 percent of the electric generators purchased by Venezuela from Cuba are currently out of service due to a lack of spare parts and maintenance, said Victor Poleo, a one-time official of the former Ministry of Energy and Mines of that South American nation.

The generators are inefficient in producing the electricity demanded because their function is to stabilize voltage levels. “Nevertheless, the government made a different use of them as charge-carrying units, so when a power outage occurs the generators also go out,” he said.

The former director emphasized that “another mistake was failing to foresee the need to provide maintenance support to units located in remote areas.”

“The equipment and components from the island fail to meet international specifications and quality standards established by the electrical industry,” added Poleo

According to the NOTIMEX news agency, the installation of these plants is part of a cooperation agreement between the two countries whereby Havana acts as an intermediary in buying units on the market.