Global Youth Climate Strikes Return “For as Long as It Takes”

By Democracy Now

Global Youth Climate Strikes Return

HAVANA TIMES – Youth climate activists are once again taking to the streets around the world to join the Fridays for Future strike for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began. Student-led actions are taking place in South Korea, the Philippines, Germany, Sweden and in over 3,000 places around the globe. Swedish youth climate activist Greta Thunberg tweeted, “We will be back next week, next month and next year. For as long as it takes.”

In the Arctic Circle, 18-year-old climate activist Mya-Rose Craig held a protest this week standing on an iceberg and surrounded by open ocean, as Arctic sea ice shrank to its second-lowest minimum extent on record.

Mya-Rose Craig: “I am up here with Greenpeace in the Arctic. And I’m here to bear witness to the sea ice minimum, but I’m also here doing the most northerly Youth Strike for Climate to try and make a statement about how temporary this amazing landscape is and how our leaders have to make a decision now in order to save it.”

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