Gov. Richardson Wants Travel to Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, Aug. 25 — The US government should relax sooner than later restrictions on travel to Cuba, the governor of the state of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, affirmed in statements to the MSNBC TV channel from the island’s capital. Richardson also considers that the embargo has not worked and announced he would discuss with the Cuban authorities the case of U.S. contractor Alan Gross, detained since December 2009, reported IPS.

2 thoughts on “Gov. Richardson Wants Travel to Cuba

  • I first went to Cuba in 1992 as a tourist and it was a real eye opener. I had been stigmatized by the fact that it was a “communist” state and warned by those few I talked to that I would not be allowed to wander freely…something I was used to doing as a Canadian in my own country. I was also told that the food was crappy, not a priority to me, the beaches were great and the music fantastic…..all true, but after some eighty, plus/minus times since, traveling mostly as a tour leader and designing tour programs for cuba1tours, I have seen many changes in Cuba’s infrastructure as well as peoples attitude as the world has introduced itself to Cuba and Cubans have responded in a desire to “have”. Amongst the visitors have been many American’s with and without licenses and I have been involved with both. They all come to experience the mystique of this beautiful, diverse and peaceful island and to gain an understanding of how, after more than fifty years under the rule of the Castro brothers, Cuba continues to survive and grow in many worldly ways.
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  • I agree. I would love to travel to Cuba. I did not know about Alan Gross. Sure hope this works out.

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