Gov. Spanish Party Grilled on Its Funding of Cuban Dissidents

HAVANA TIMES — The leader of the Socialist Youth of Spain (Spanish: Juventudes Socialistas de España), Nino Torre, yesterday urged the governing Spanish Popular Party to give an explanation if it is confirmed that Angel Carromero (the leader of that organization’s youth organization) traveled to Cuba to fund dissidents, reported the EFE news agency.

“If this is indeed true, it doesn’t seem right at all that the Popular Party — the party that rules this country — is using youths for such practices,” stressed the youth leader.

Torre said if the versions of the story issued by the Cuban government are confirmed, the Popular Party should provide “explanations” given the seriousness of the matter, since this would only serve to “discredit” the activism of youth involved in politics.

Torre described the diplomatic resolution of the case as being “complex” and called for the “prompt” return and physical recovery of Popular Party leader.