Greenpeace Blocks Russian Oil Bound for ExxonMobil in Norway

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Norway, police arrested 20 protesters Monday after they blocked a massive shipment of Russian oil from reaching shore. Members of Greenpeace held signs reading “Oil fuels war” as they chained themselves to the anchor chain of the massive Ust Luga oil tanker, which was waiting to offload nearly 100,000 metric tons of fuel to a terminal operated by ExxonMobil. This is Frode Pleym, head of Greenpeace Norway.

Frode Pleym: “This oil tanker is fully loaded with Russian oil bound for the Esso terminal ashore here in Norway. Greenpeace is demanding from Esso and the Norwegian government to ensure that this Russian oil is not imported to Norway. It fuels Putin’s war on Ukraine. It’s wrong.”

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