Group Favoring Improved US/Cuba Relations to Hold Conference in Miami

Authentic Cuba.  Photo: Juan Suarez.
Authentic Cuba. Photo: Juan Suarez.

HAVANA TIMES — The group calling itself CAFÉ (Cuban Americans for Engagement) is holding a conference this Saturday in Miami to discuss possibilities and scenarios for normalizing relations between the US and Cuba.

The following is their press release:

CAFE Conference: “US/Cuba Relations, the Second Obama Administration: ?The Cuban-American Community and changes in Cuba- Building bridges for better relations” 

Cuban Americans For Engagement, joined by FORNORM, Generacion Cambio Cubano and Cuba Educational Travel ?will hold a one-day conference/gathering in Miami.

Miami — CAFE (Cuban Americans for Engagement) in conjunction with FORNORM, Generación Cubano Cambio, and Cuba Educational Travel will hold a one-day conference to engage the Cuban-American community in a discussion about normalizing relations between the U.S. and Cuba.

The conference, entitled “US/Cuba Relations, the Second Obama Administration: ?The Cuban-American Community and changes in Cuba- Building bridges for better relations”, is intended to be a “conversation among Cubans” and will include three panels comprised of panelists from Cuba, the Cuban-American community, and American experts on Cuba. The topics will include the evolving relationship between the Cuban people and its diaspora and the positive changes between both governments that a majority of Cuban-Americans would like to see transpire.

WHAT: Conference that seeks to improve relations between the US and Cuban governments that would mutually benefit both populaces.

WHEN: Saturday, March 15, 2014, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

WHERE: Hotel Sofitel. 5800 Blue Lagon Drive. Miami, Fl.  33126 (Phone: 305/ 264-4888)

WHO:   CAFE, FORNORM, Cuba Eductional Travel, Generación Cambio Cubano and Cubans, Cuban-Americans and Americans who would like to contribute to better relations.

CAFE is a community organization of Cuban Americans and American citizens from throughout the United States that advocates for the pursuit and implementation of a new relationship between the U.S. and Cuba based on principles of exchange, engagement, normalization of relations and diplomacy.

7 thoughts on “Group Favoring Improved US/Cuba Relations to Hold Conference in Miami

  • The embargo has been proven to be a mistake. It continues to be a mistake. The US government continues to be ridiculed by the civilized world because of it. And Moses, there’s a big difference between “maleness”, or being “macho”…and the ability to “man-up” when a mistake needs correction. You would do well, as would your government, taking lessons from the rest of the world in that regard, never mind a Canadian. But on a personal note, I certainly know when to bend my foolish pride to help right a wrong instead of continually hiding behind the blind ignorance, intolerance, and arrogance that you constantly exude in helping to maintain your government’s interventionist policies that now serve no purpose.

  • Terry, who says the embargo was a mistake? The fact it did not achieve its primary purpose does not mean it has failed entirely. The embargo helped to contain the spread of the Castros failed ideology. It has helped to drain Soviet resources which would have otherwise been used against the West in some other form. One other thing, the US does not lack for “maleness”. Indeed, one could argue that US policy has too much testosterone and not too little. Besides, I really don’t think we need to get our “macho” lessons from a Canadian.

  • So, in other words, one mistake begets another…one wrong replaces the next. Although you’ve admitted that the embargo has not had the desired effect, you still think it’s fitting to keep it in place….to save face. Moses, you should be working for the US government…you’re made of the same stuff. Why can’t you, and your government, simply ‘man up’ and admit that the embargo was a mistake, get rid of it, and let’s move on with respectfully negociating with the Cuban government to promote change. It certainly couldn’t do any worse than your government’s failed intervensionist policies. The US would garner the world’s respect too for showing optomistic tolerance…instead of blind intolerance and negative speculation concerning post-embargo relations.

  • I agree with you that the embargo has failed to achieve its original purpose of regime change. However, lifting the embargo without exacting changes in the Castro regime would send the wrong message to other would-be despots that US sanctions should just be waited out. American resolve must be upheld. By no means is my perspective a dream nor a result of smoking funny cigarettes. The lack of resolve emboldens the Castros and the Putins to cause more harm not less. I don’t share your optimism that embracing the Castros will promote change. Despots see capitulation as a weakness and always respond with more repression and totalitarianism.

  • The purpose of the embargo / blockade is to destroy the Cuban economy. Now before you retort with remittances, food, medicines etc – these are irrelevant since they aren’t part of the embargo anymore. Anyone who believes in deliberately causing hardship for the Cuban population has no place at a conference on engagement and wouldn’t want to attend either.
    You’ve let the cat out of the bag. The embargo remains in place because the US don’t want to appear to be capitulating. They should just man-up and do the right thing.

  • “I hope voices from the point of view of maintaining pressure on the
    regime until the Castros make real progress towards democracy are
    allowed to participate.”

    Oh yes, that would help. And the pressure of the embargo has certainly made a significant difference over the last 50 years too. If only we wait another year…everything in Cuba will change. The Castro’s will be, in your words, “run out of town” (what a ridiculous notion) and democracy will reign supreme.

    Moses, keep dreaming, and have another puff. Even after the Castro’s step-down, the revolution will live on. Get used to it. Everyone will have to get used to it. Some already recognize the reality of the situation and are not willing to discuss a continuation of your government’s absurd, demonstrative and pointless embargo. They want to embrace the Cuban government and promote change on a level playing field. Again, get used to it. That reality won’t change.

  • I hope included in the panel of speakers are representatives from the pro-embargo community. This does not mean anti-engagement however. I hope voices from the point of view of maintaining pressure on the regime until the Castros make real progress towards democracy are allowed to participate. Otherwise, the pro-Castro crowd who share the point of view similar to that of Arturo Lopez-Levy will dominate. If the organizers limit participation to only those who seek wholesale capitulation on the part of the US, then little will be accomplished. The Castros must be urged to do more to liberate the Cuban people if they wish to gain normal relations with the US.

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