Group of 34 Cubans Hit Florida Jackpot

HAVANA TIMES, June 28 — A group of 34 persons coming from Cuba arrived to the coasts of the United States this Sunday after crossing the Straits of Florida in a motorboat, reported IPS citing the Miami-based El Nuevo Herald.

According to the source, the illegal immigrants were detained by the local immigration authorities and it is expected they will be released soon under the Cuban Adjustment Act.

Often the same Cubans who risked their lives, and pay traffickers up to $10,000 per head to cross the Caribbean, were denied visas at the US Interests Section in Havana to go the United States legally.

Then as illegal immigrants they get the red carpet treatment with humanitarian aid and a fast track to permanent residency.

4 thoughts on “Group of 34 Cubans Hit Florida Jackpot

  • Being an American, first, of Cuban descent, second, I can tell you that you’re all correct. Cubans used to come here, work hard and assimilate into this country, statistically better than any other Hispanic immigrant. However, and that’s big however, this has not necessarily been the case in the last decade or so. Many who come are not here for political reasons. They are not fleeing a communist country which is violating their human rights (although it is), most are coming for financial reasons and have very little convictions when it comes to freedom. They work, gather their money and go spend it in Cuba and family. How are they any different than other immigrants? This wet foot dry foot law needs to be revisited and abolished, for the meantime. Our borders need to be secured so we can begin the deportation of illegals and assimilation of those who followed the rules.

  • Suck it up Jim, Cuban like these ones had made possible lots of good things In “your” American Soil, and in almost many cases don’t take this new beginning and privilege for granted, what many hardcore Americans do.

  • The United States has no coherent Immigration policy. In most every city illegal immigrants find work and take away jobs from legal citizens. This is done so employers can save money. They pay low wages and avoid paying employee taxes. This takes away jobs from legal citizens and lowers the governments tax base, like ‘being punched twice below the belt’. We give illegal Cubans better treatment than our own citizens. Foreigners who want to visit for extended periods or who want to apply for legal immigration find it easier to break the law to get here than go through the legal channels. Cubans have it made, touch ground and you are taken care of better than the a distraught American down on his luck . This is one point where I have to agree with the Cuban government….. our policies encourage Cubans to break the law (on both sides), risk their lives and at the same time, if they tough ground, give the impression that to succeed in America you must break the law. Normalizing immigration between Cuba and the USA will save lives, keep Americans employed and create an honest respect between the two countries. There is no perfect solution to the Cuban/American divide but a good place to find common ground is with an agreed upon immigration policy. I would like the Cuban people to know that the vast majority of Americans have no problem with Cuba or the Cuban people. After having visited Cuba several times I find that our similarities far outweigh any differences and I pray for the day when travel and trade between our countries is normalized. Until then, as a seasoned sailor having spent thousands of hours in the Florida Straights, I must warn any person wanting to transit the Gulf Stream to be warned, this is one of the most dangerous bodies of water in the world and it is not, I say not, a game of lotto. policy

  • what a joke this is,but then everything about the USA is a joke,send all other illegals home but welcome the Cuban illegals with open arms.the US should be ashamed of itself.

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