Haitian Minister Recognizes Cuban Aid

HAVANA TIMES, July 16 — “Haiti greatly appreciates the honorable contribution of the Cuban people and government in overcoming all the difficulties of the Haitian population and in their development,” affirmed Haitian Minister of Women’s Condition and Rights Marjorie Michel. Cuba maintains a cooperation program with the neighboring country since 1998, strengthened after the last January 12 earthquake, reported IPS.

One thought on “Haitian Minister Recognizes Cuban Aid

  • Where i am sure the Cuban Gov is appreciative as well for the op given to us to help, let me say as someone who was there from the beginning, that i am even more grateful for the lessons in humility taught me by the Haitian people. i also thank Raul Castro, and his Adm for extending the OP for me to travel and work with the contingent, alongside many many others from the Alba nations and Caribbean..And i thankl Fidel for providing my skills..Gracias Siempre El Commandante!!

    What i brought back to Cuba on my last visit not only were stories of lives being literally snatched from death, but how as a Cuban i assisted and watched as we a nation despised worldwide..HIT THE GROUND RUNNING.. No matter i am an African Cuban who never ever forgets. And each time Cubans are called to assist..i am there….WHAT IS NOT TO LEARN?

    The politics can be spoken of elsewhere?

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