Havana Advances with Public Works

HAVANA TIMES – Journalist Fernando Ravsberg reports today there are currently numerous large-scale public works projects visible in different parts of the Cuban capital.

“Yesterday I went around Vedado and I had to make several detours because there are many streets raised for the installation of new gas pipes. In Centro Habana the same thing happened to me, works and more works in the streets of the city.

“And it isn’t only in the neighborhoods in the center of the capital, on Santa Catalina Avenue, in the Santo Suarez district the machines open a much larger and deeper trench to install a water conductor, replacing the old leaking ones.

“Before I had seen it on Galeano Avenue, the heavily trafficked shopping area was completely torn up while they changed everything, gas, water and sewage pipes. The good news is that the works that we see around the city are no longer the usual “patches” but the total renovation.

“In the almost 3 decades that I have been living in Cuba I have never seen this amount of public works with the concept of doing comprehensive repairs that guarantee the services of the population. So I’ll ignore my complaints as a driver and applaud the management as a citizen,” concluded Ravsberg.

5 thoughts on “Havana Advances with Public Works

  • Some positive news from Havana.
    How refreshing.
    (Though there is a fair chance of this not being welcomed by some of the regulars on here)

    • As a “regular”, I beg to differ. Anything that is good for the average Cuban in Cuba is welcome news. Wanting to see the Castro dictatorship fail is different than wanting to see Cubans suffer. Unfortunately, for the last 58 years, the two have generally been one in the same. Nonetheless, hope springs eternal. This story is good news.

  • I am glad Viva Cuba!

  • Nice to read these news items, gracias, Fernando!

  • Great to know that improvements are being made after so many years. I recall that Sherritt International installed a new gas plant in Havana, but doubt whether they would finance the pipes. Maybe the Chinese will fund the works. It is seldom that there is news of something constructive happening in Cuba, so this is a nice change after so many years.


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