Havana, Cuba Weather Forecast for Oct. 8-14

Hurricane Delta over the Gulf of Mexico

By Yanet Diaz

Graphic: National Hurricane Center

HAVANA TIMES – Expect some clouds in the mornings, building up in the afternoons with a probability of showers and rains. In some parts of the city the rains will be intense and with electrical activity. The winds will be from the southeast with speeds between 15 and 30 km/h, lower for the second half of the forecast period. The humidity will range between 70 and 90%. The high temperatures will be between 31 and 32° C (88 and 90 F) and the lows around 25 ° C (77 F). The sea surface temperature will remain at 30° C (86 F).

Important weather conditions:

Hurricane Delta is heading northwest over the Gulf of Mexico, moving further from the western tip of Cuba. For this reason, the threat from to the western portion of the island has decreased.

As Delta moves northward, the winds and storm surge will decrease in the northwestern Caribbean. Later the anticyclonic influence will be reestablished, with a weak flow of easterly winds.

In the North Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, no tropical cyclonic development is expected during the next 5 days.

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