Havana Times in Spanish

By Circles Robinson

Havana Times now emerges with a Spanish language edition.  Photo: Caridad
Havana Times now emerges with a Spanish language edition. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 9 – Nearly 11 months after going online, Havana Times is now able to offer our visitors a chance to read most of  our texts in Spanish.  This had been the desire of the staff from the beginning, but first we needed to advance with the English edition for our initial target audience.

To accommodate readers with access to e-mail but not Internet or who have very slow connections, -the situation of many people in Cuba-  we will be presenting the Spanish version in a simple format divided into several sections: Diaries from Cuba, Reports and Commentaries, Cuban Culture, Interviews and News.

Readers will have the option of going to the Spanish page within our site or to take out a free subscription and receive the articles by e-mail.

We are hoping that by offering the texts in Spanish we will have a much wider readership in Cuba which is currently about 5 percent, behind the United States (45%), Canada (15%) and the UK (9%).  The list continues with Spain (2%) and 1% each from Australia, Mexico, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Ireland and Finland.

You can reach the Havana Times Spanish version by clicking here: Havana Times en ESPAÑOL

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  • This is great my fam in Cuba the non English speakers are loving this and u can be sure that i will drop my own..chilly..comments..LOL Don’t u just love me? After all i am a miracle (MILAGROS>> And noone escapes my truths..LOL

  • Robert, to see the spanish version of Havana Times click on the flag link in the right column, or go to: http://havanatimes.org/sp/

  • I am delighted that the text for the Havana Times will be available in Spanish.

    Question: ¿Where can I find the Spanish Version of the Havana Times?

    Muchas Gracias por su Ayuda.

    Robert Cowdery

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