Havana Weather (February 19-25)

Excellent weather with pleasant temperatures

Eduardo A. Fernández Díaz

United Buddy Bears in Havana. Photo: Elio Delgado Valdés

HAVANA TIMES – For this 7-day period we will be under the influence of a high pressure area centered on the Texas Gulf coast. The chance of rain is very low and days will be mostly sunny. Some clouds with temperatures rising slightly from Saturday to Tuesday when they will drop. In short: Good weather, mild temperatures with little chance of rain.

The maximum temperature will range around 25° C (77° F) and the minimum around 15° C (59° F).

The sea surface temperature will reach 25° C (77° F). There will be dangerous surf for small boats until Sunday.

Weekly Forecast valid from Wednesday February 18

weather-clearThursday, February 19, max 25° C (77° F) min 17° C (63° F)

weather-clearFriday, February 20, max 23° C (73 ° F) min 15° C (59° F)

weather-clearSaturday February 21, max 21° C (70° F) min 14° C (57° F)

parcialmente-nubladoSunday February 22, max 26° C (79° F) min 14 ° C (57 ° F)
Partly cloudy

parcialmente-nubladoMonday, February 23, max 26° C (79° F) min 15 ° C (59° F)
Partly cloudy

weather-clearTuesday, February 24, max 25° C (77° F) min 15° C (59° F)

weather-clearWednesday, February 25, max 24° C (75° F) min 17° C (63° F)

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  • The weather might be ok, but is Cuba in for some rough weather on the political front.?

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