Havana Weather for August 4-10

Good weather, despite TS Emily 

By Eduardo  

Despite tropical storm Emily, the weather for the upcoming period in Havana will be influenced by an area of high pressure centered at 88° west and 24°north (as of Wednesday, August 3) that will begin moving slowly toward the east over the next few days.  On Saturday, August 6, there could occur isolated rains.  Apart from this we will have typical summer weather, with partially cloudy skies in the afternoons and a likelihood of rain produced from the heat during the day.

The maximum temperatures will fluctuate between 31°C (88°F) and 33°C (91°F), while the minimum temperatures will be around 25°C (77°F).

Winds will be variably weak from the east-northeast, but they will become moderate as they shift and begin coming from the west-southwest on Saturday.

The sea surface temperature will be 30°C (86°F).

Weekly forecast, valid as of Wednesday / August 3 

Thursday, August 4 – max 32°C (90°F), min 26°C (79°F).  Partially cloudy.

Friday, August 5 – max 33°C (91°F), min 26°C (79°F).  Partially cloudy.

Saturday, August 6 – max 33°C (91°F), min 26°C (79°F).  Isolated rains.

Sunday, August 7 – max 31°C (88°F), min 25°C (77°F).  Partially cloudy.

Monday, August 8 – max 32°C (90°F), min 24°C (75°F).  Partially cloudy.

Tuesday, August 9 – max 31°C (88°F), min 24°C (75°F).  Partially cloudy.

Wednesday, August 10 – max 31°C (88°F), min 24°C (75°F).  Partially cloudy.