Havana Weather for January 26 – February 1

Havana Photo: Juan Suarz

Cold front expected Friday

By Yanet Diaz

HAVANA TIMES – A weak cold front is approaching the western portion of the island. It will be arriving on the island by Friday morning, although it will not produce much rain, there will be a change in the direction of the wind, an increase in cloudiness and a drop in temperatures.

Cool days with pleasant temperatures and moderate winds are expected, mainly from the northeast, with speeds between 20 and 30 km/h. As of Sunday, temperatures will begin to rise gradually, with the probability of rain remaining very low. Humidity will remain high, with maximum values between 90 and 95%. The high temperatures will be between 25 and 30°C (77 and 86 F), and the lows between 18 and 20°C (64 and 68 F). The sea surface temperature will be 25°C (77 F).

         Weekly Forecast for the Cuban Capital

Thursday 1/26High 29°C (84 F)Low 20°C (68 F)Scattered showers
Friday 1/27  High 25°C (77 F)Low 19°C (66 F) Scattered showers
Saturday 1/28  High 25°C (77 F)Low 18°C (64 F)Partly cloudy  
Sunday 1/29High 28°C (82 F)  Low 19°C (66 F)Partly cloudy
Monday 1/30High 30°C (86 F)  Low 20°C (68 F)Partly cloudy
Tuesday 1/31  High 30°C (86 F)Low 20°C (68 F)Partly cloudy
Miércoles 2/1High 30°C (86 F)Low 20°C (68 F)Partly cloudy

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