Havana Weather for June 1-7

Rainy days

By Yanet Díaz

Rainy day in Havana. Foto: Yander Zamora/granma.cu

HAVANA TIMES – The days will be partly cloudy from the morning on, increasing in the afternoons, giving rise to isolated rains and thunderstorms, which will be more numerous towards the south of the capital. The winds will be from the southeast and northeast, with speeds between 6 and 12 mph.

The days will be warm, with maximum temperatures that will range between 31 and 33° C (88 and 91 F), while the lows will be between 23 and 25° C (73 and 77 F). The sea surface temperature will be 28° C (82 F).

Meteorological conditions:

A surface hollow near the Bay of Campeche is generating atmospheric instability in much of the Gulf of Mexico. Some bands of clouds and rain associated with this system are occasionally affecting some areas of western Cuba, causing showers and isolated storms. In the rest of the area a weak anticyclonic ocean influence prevails, generating weak winds from the Southeast. This synoptic situation is likely to persist for several days.

Weekly forecast, valid from Wednesday, May 31

Thursday, June 1, max 33° C (91 F) min 25° C (77 F)

Friday, June 2, max 32° C (90 F) min 24° C (75 F)
Showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon

Saturday June 3, max 31° C (88 F) min 24° C (75 F)

Sunday June 4, max 33° C (91 F) min 24° C (75 F)
Isolated showers

Monday, June 5, max 32° C (90 F) min 24° C (75 F)
Showers in the afternoon

Tuesday June 6, max 32° C (90 F) min 24° C (75 F)
Rain showers

Wednesday June 7, max 32° C (90 F) min 23° C (73 F)
Isolated showers