Havana Weather for September 1-7

High temperatures, some rain in the afternoons

By Eduardo

Foto: Caridad

The weather over this period will be influenced by an area of weak pressure gradients, which — together with a flow of damp air from the south — will produce isolated storms and rain, with these being more likely in the afternoons.

Maximum temperatures will fluctuate around 32°C (90 F), while the minimum temperatures will range between 24°C (75 F) and 25°C (77 F).

The wind will be from the south-southeast region and will begin to shift to come from the south starting on Sunday, when it will end up reaching speeds of between 15 km/h (9 mph) and 25 km/h (15 mph).

The sea surface temperature will be 30°C (86 F).

An expanded area of clouds and rain to the east of the Gulf of Mexico could become organized in next few days, although the conditions in the upper atmosphere are not favorable. No tropical cyclonal development is expected in the next 24 to 48 hours in the rest of the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico.

Weekly forecast, valid as of Wednesday / August 31

Thursday, September 1 – max 32°C (90 F) min 24°C (75 F).
Isolated storms.

Friday, September 2 – max 32°C (90 F), min 23°C (73 F).
Cloudy in the afternoon.

Saturday, September 3 – max 33°C (91 F), min 25°C (77 F).
Partially cloudy.

Sunday, September 4 – max 33°C (91 F), min 24°C (75 F).
Partially cloudy.

Monday, September 5 – max 32°C (90 F), min 24°C (75 F).
Isolated rains in the afternoon.

Tuesday, September 6 – max 32°C (90 F), min 23°C (73 F).
Partially cloudy.

Wednesday, September 7 – max 32°C (90 F), min 24°C (75 F).
Isolated rains in the afternoon.