Homeland Security Report Admits to Inhumane Treatment of Asylum Seekers

Cages for asylum seekers.

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HAVANA TIMES – A damning new report and shocking photos by the Department of Homeland Security’s internal watchdog is adding to the mounting outcry over detention conditions for asylum seekers at the border. Acting Inspector General Jennifer Costello is urging DHS to “take immediate steps to alleviate dangerous overcrowding and prolonged detention of children and adults in the Rio Grande Valley.”

The report notes that migrants are being held without sufficient food or access to medical care. Some children had not received a hot meal since being locked up, and begged not to be returned to their cells. Inspectors observed over 2,500 children who had been held longer than the three days permitted under a key court settlement known as the Flores agreement. Photos accompanying the report show extreme overcrowding, including people huddled in cells in standing-room-only conditions. Some photos also show asylum seekers holding up signs for the inspectors—one of which reads “help.”

NPR reports that DHS is currently on the hunt for new sites across several Southern states to detain migrant children.

Meanwhile, lawmakers continue to make their own trips to immigrant jails, with Florida Congressmember Frederica Wilson leading a delegation Tuesday that included John Lewis to visit the Homestead facility in Florida.


7 thoughts on “Homeland Security Report Admits to Inhumane Treatment of Asylum Seekers

  • Why is Fox News allowed to distort coverage of the situation at The Southern Border ? Have they forgotten the value of truth seeking or is the bottom line all that counts ? That is a sad commentary on the interpretation of Freedom Of The Press and their obligation to The Public.

  • Foreign immigration to The US is a mess. A system of quotas could help solve the problem. Asylum seekers is another question.- New legislation would be most welcome to reduce the pain, suffering and uncertainty of the present situation at The Southern Border of The US. But given the dead locked condition in The American Congress perhaps in September when The Federal Budget deadline crunch is near , an accommodation of sorts between both Chambers can be reached.

  • This is horrifying, how can we as a civilized nation, not allow Cubans, for which we strive to receive! They become the most successful business owners and job-granting entrepreneurs! I simply cannot wrap my head around the inhuman treatment.

  • Exactly Americand should be ashamed

  • Here we go again! Internment camps a la Japanese during The Second World War all in the pretext of The Almighty National Security. Asylum seekers after proven so should be allowed to stay all the security safeguards granted both for them and us here.

  • On this Independence Day, the Fourth of July 2019, Americans should be hanging their heads in shame rather than holding a military parade. The well-being of children is much more important than pandering to the narcissistic desires of a man who took care to avoid military service himself.

  • It definitely does not look like a good outcome of a government policy.

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