Honduras Presidential Candidate Calls for Uprising

Salvador Nasralla. Photo: laprensa.hn

HAVANA TIMES – Less than two weeks after Honduran presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla said he was going to withdraw from the struggle, he and other opposition leaders have called for an uprising against incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernandez, saying the November 26 presidential election was stolen, reports Democracy Now.

Last month, an election tribunal controlled by Hernandez’s government declared Hernandez the winner by a narrow margin—after early counts put Nasralla in the lead by 5 points, before a breakdown in the vote counting. On Tuesday, Salvador Nasralla said protests would continue right up to Hernandez’s scheduled inauguration date of , January 27.

When the United States recognized Hernandez as the winner, Nasralla said he was withdrawing from politics: “With the decision form the United Sates I am out of the scene, even though its true that I am a leader, but I no longer have a political party… and the electoral Opposition Alliance is no longer a factor”.

On Tuesday,Nasralla said: “The electoral officials have to respect my victory. If they don’t want to respect it, if they don’t respect it, then the people will respect my victory. Our objective is that on January 27 the popular will comes to pass, regardless of what the electoral officials want to say.”

Election observers and the Organization of American States have called for a new election, saying the first vote was so filled with irregularities that it was impossible to declare a legitimate winner.

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  • Time to ask the Nicaraguans next door for some assistance (in the form of arms). Payback time for when the Honduran government assisted the contras!

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