Hong Kong Lawmakers Quit as China Tightens Grip

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Hong Kong, 15 opposition lawmakers are stepping down today to protest the firing of four of their colleagues by Chinese authorities enforcing a new “national security” law. Moreover, it’s the latest setback to the movement by Hong Kongers to maintain their autonomy from China’s one-party rule. This is Kwok Ka-ki, one of the four Hong Kong Legislative Council members removed for failing to show clear loyalty to China.

Kwok Ka-ki: “Today, my mission as a legislator to fight for democracy, freedom in the chamber cannot be continued. But I would certainly promise that I would go along if all the people in Hong Kong continue to fight for the core values of Hong Kong: freedom, democracy, justice and fair. And we should never give up.”

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One thought on “Hong Kong Lawmakers Quit as China Tightens Grip

  • That ever-tightening iron grip of totalitarian dictatorship. One may criticize the free democratic capitalist countries – being free to do so, but how do the communist or fascist sycophants ease their minds?

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