Hotel Nacional, Havana, Cuba – Photo of the Day

Hotel Nacional, Havana, Cuba.  By Leroy Lemos (USA).  Camera: Samsung cell phone


How you can participate in the Photo of the Day

HAVANA TIMES – You don’t have to be a professional photographer, just send a picture (in black and white or color), that you consider with quality to be published. Indicate where it was taken (city and country), type of camera or cell phone you used and a short description of it.

Send us your name and country of residence to this email address: [email protected]


Our Photo of the Day Grows – Here’s a New Proposal

We have a new proposal for all lovers of our Photo of the Day section.

Once a month we will select a photographer whom we have published, and you will have the possibility, if you wish, to publish in Havana Times a photographic essay or set of photos of the subject that seems best to you.

They can be horizontal and vertical, color or black and white.

If you are already interested, you can send between five and 12 photos to the same email of Photo of the Day

2 thoughts on “Hotel Nacional, Havana, Cuba – Photo of the Day

  • Ten years ago when Cubans were still banned from entering Cuba’s hotels, I persuaded my wife to dress as I decided and then took her to the Hotel National. I explained to her that rather than trying to escape notice, the way to handle the problem was to be bold. I asked her to let her handbag dangle from her right hand and to loosely hold my right hand with her left. So we strolled through the front door and walked directly up the security guard. I asked him where the room was with the historic photographs and was it possible to order drinks when in the garden. Having obtained the information, we went out to the garden, had a drink, returned into the lobby giving the guard a smile and went to see the photographs. The same method did not work at the Hotel Tropicana east of Havana, when we entered wearing normal Cuban garb. Having sat down for a drink prior to lunch, the security guard arrived, asked my wife if she was Cuban and having received an affirmative told her to leave, but because I was not a Cuban, he said that I could stay. I placed the experience on Trip Advisor and it brought a lot of attention!

  • Yes. The Nacional Hotel dates back to The 20’s. A lot of historic event notes are kept about The Hotel.

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