House of Fidel Castro’s Father May Undergo Rehabilitation in Spain

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban Retired Brigadier General Armando Choy Rodriguez visited the birthplace of Fidel Castro’s father in Lancara, Spain a few days ago, reported the La Voz newspaper in Galicia on Wednesday.

According to the news note, the general and other visitors were “thrilled” to find “the humble origins” of Angel Castro, but expressed their “shock after seeing the condition of the inside of the home almost completely destroyed.”

Officials in Lancara had previously indicated their interest in seeing the Cuban government take responsibility for the restoration of the property, the newspaper said, “which has almost become a site for pilgrimages.”

The local council commissioned a project “to inform Cuban authorities of the state of the property,” the results of which were sent to the island, though they had yet to receive any response.

Meanwhile, Choy said he would be responsible for “hand delivering” the information concerning the “restoration project” to current Cuban President Raul Castro, to whom Choy intends to give his personal impressions about the state of house, said the newspaper.