Hugo Chavez Back Home After Therapy

Hugo Chavez arriving in Venezuela. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES, April 5 — Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez returned to his country just before midnight Wednesday after completing his second round of radiotherapy in Cuba.

Chavez told Telesur TV that the tests show that his body is responding satisfactorily to the treatment and that he should continue his recovery from his latest operation to remove a cancerous tumor at the end of February.

“I am continuing my recovery process, after the operation 38 days ago; the post surgery was successful.  So successful that I was able to begin the radiotherapy less than a month after the procedure,” said Chavez.

The president said that to date he has not suffered adverse side effects from the first two sessions of radiotherapy. “My body has assimilated it well,” he said. Several more rounds of radiotherapy are programmed.

Chavez said he planned to be at the celebrations on April 12-13, commemorating the victory against the 2002 failed coup that attempted to end his presidency.

Venezuela is Cuba’s leading trade partner and President Chavez its closest political ally.