Hurricane Sandy Leaves 11 Dead in Cuba

Map showing hurricane Sandy as it entered Cuba. Image: INSMET

HAVANA TIMES — Preliminary data on the effects of Hurricane Sandy in eastern Cuba shows 11 fatalities, nine in Santiago de Cuba and two in Guantanamo, reported Juventud Rebelde.

Despite the efforts made to protect human life the deaths occurred and the reasons are still being investigated. Fallen trees and collapsed homes are some of the causes already identified.

President Raul Castro met with the National Defense Council on Thursday to begin a preliminary evaluation of the damage to homes, the electric system and other infrastructure, and supervise the organized and immediate assistance in the affected territories.

Over 330,000 persons were evacuated as the storm approached, with 90% of those going to homes of other family members.

Hurricane Sandy touched land in Santiago de Cuba Province on Wednesday night and left the island on Thursday morning from Banes, Holguin.

The fatalities in Santiago de Cuba were reported as:

Francisca Rodriguez Navarro, 74.
Marta Sánchez Pupo, 58.
Roldán M. Barrio Colomé, 4 months.
María Antonia Delis Guevara, 46.
Sila Muñoz Fontanar, 62.
Geovanis Mora Girón, 65
Elsa Esperanza Bernal, 72.
Esmeregildo Cabrera Paneque, 84.
Lázara Admiladín Orozco Peñalver. 46 años.

In Guantanamo:

Orlenis Laffita Ortiz. 34 años.
Domingo Córdova Frómeta. 54 años.

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  • My heartfelt condolences to those killed or injured, or otherwise affected, by Hurricane Sandy.

  • My prayers go out to the families of the storm’s victims, and to the long suffering people of Cuba.

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