Isaac Delgado Stays in Cuba

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HAVANA TIMES — Popular Cuban salsa singer Issac Delgado, known as “El Chevere de la Salsa”, decided to return to his native land permanently and is discreetly seeking to get back into the national music scene.

Speaking to the OnCuba site, the artist said that he has begun to “insert myself slowly again in Cuba, after 8 years away. Through EGREM and the Musicuba agency I’m performing in different spaces while maintaining several international commitments.”

Delgado still has not offered a massive concert. “About a month ago I was fortunate to perform at the La Tropical in Havana and then at a tribute ??to Juan Formell in Paris”.

The singer already has a concert orchestra, conducted by Maestro Germán Velazco, with whom he prepares a whole new repertoire, including a promotional recording. “Later we will record a video that should be ready for the last quarter of the year.”

Isaac left Cuba in 2006 to reside between Florida and Puerto Rico, where he says he never stopped singing, but not with the intensity he had in Cuba.

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