Israeli Strike Kills 30 in Khan Younis as Army Orders All of Gaza City’s Residents to Flee

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – Israel’s army has dropped leaflets across Gaza City ordering all residents to leave their homes and shelters immediately, setting off a fresh wave of panicked evacuations. On Tuesday, at least 30 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli airstrike on a school housing displaced people near Khan Younis. Eyewitnesses said the Israeli attack resulted in body parts flying through the air; most of the dead were women and children.

Mohammad al-Asaly: “Suddenly, and without prior warning, rockets were fired toward a number of people who were connecting to an internet hotspot. They are not fighters. They did not have any weapons and were not involved in any resistance operations. They were civilians, and mostly children. I was there at the site, and most of the people were killed or critically wounded. None of us had any weapons or anything related to the resistance. It was in Khan Younis, in Abasan, at the gates of a school used as a shelter.”

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza decried the attack as a “heinous massacre against displaced citizens.” It was the fourth Israeli attack on a school over the past four days in Gaza. 

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