J. Iglesias, G. Estefan Support Juanes

HAVANA TIMES, Aug 27 – The list of major artists supporting Juanes Peace without Borders Concert in Cuba grew this week with the addition of Spanish singer Julio Iglesias and Cuban-American Gloria Estefan.

The concert, which has stirred up considerable controversy in some Miami exile circles, is set to take place in Havana’s Plaza of the Revolution on Sept. 20.

Iglesias told a Colombian radio station that “the concert by Colombian singer Juanes in Cuba has no political objective and backed his intention to take “a message of affection and music” to the island, reported IPS.

Meanwhile, Estefan told Notimex that she supports Juanes decision to sing in Cuba saying:  “I know Juanes has his heart in the right place and wants to do something in the name of peace.”

4 thoughts on “J. Iglesias, G. Estefan Support Juanes

  • Why is GE not welcome in Cuba….. well, first of all her father was Batista’s personal bodyguard and driver. Second her father participated in the Bay of Pigs invasion. Hmmmmmm…. go figure….. or maybe it has something to do with her radical participation in trying to keep Elian Gonzalez from being returned to his father, protesting in front of the house he was being kept at….or perhaps it is her vitirolic discourse about a land she has never stepped foot in since infancy.

    As far as the exiles being radicals…. well, less and less of them are… but last week a group of them smashed Juanes cds in the street, burned a symbolic shirt, and he has received death threats on twitter… how much more radical do they need to get???

  • Mr. Lippmann, our story isn’t about whether Gloria Stephan wants to or can perform in Cuba. She supported the Juanes concert and that’s what we are concerned with here. There are many people who don’t agree with the Cuban system of government but do support the concert. Thanks for your questioning us.

  • I question the accuracy of your report. Here’s another report.

    My presence in Cuba would lead to violence, says Gloria Estefan
    Friday, 28 August , 2009, 15:05

    Gloria Estefan has said that if she were to give a concert in Havana, it would
    lead to violence because she would not keep quiet about what she thinks of the
    Castro regime, and she emphasised that her dream continues to be to perform “in
    a free Cuba”.

    “My presence in Cuba would cause violence, because I’ve got a very big mouth and
    I’m not going to keep quiet in the face of injustice,” the singer told Puerto
    Rican daily El Nuevo Dia in an interview published Thursday.

    The Cuban-born star was asked about the concert that Colombian singer Juanes is
    planning to give in Havana on September 20.
    The singer said that neither she nor her husband, Emilio Estefan, would agree to
    accompany Juanes to Cuba and be placed in the “persona non grata” category by
    the Havana regime…

  • I think its great that he will have a concert in Cuba. I also think the media doesn’t portray the Cuban exile expierence properly and refers to them as radicals. Instead I invite everyone to ask themselves why is Gloris Estefan is no permitted to attend Juanes concert she is after all Cuban….. Step Up Raul .. prove to the world that this concert has no political connotations! Prove to the world that in Cuba art and Politics are no longer one…


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