Jailed Cuban Youth Faces Trial in Israel

The young musician, Kais Omran Portocarrero, has been in jail since April 18th.

HAVANA TIMES, MAY 14 — Kais Omran Portocarrero, a young Cuban musician, remains held under arrest in Israel since April 18, accused of offenses against the security forces in that country and for being a member of the Popular Front, reported the Café Fuerte website on Sunday.

The youth was taken to the Megiddo Military Prison after allegedly throwing stones at Israeli vehicles and for belonging to an organization whose military wing has organized terrorist attacks against Israel.

Kais as well as his family members energetically deny those charges and are awaiting the next court hearing, announced for May 20.

Kais, 17, is the son of Niurka Portocarrero (a relative of the famous Cuban painter Rene Portocarrero) and Belal Mohammad Omran, a Palestinian graduate from a Cuban medical school.