Juanes Peace Concert Has Its Risks

By Circles Robinson

International Peace Day will be celebrated in Havana on Sept. 20 with Juanes heading a list of big name performers.
International Peace Day will be celebrated in Havana on Sept. 20 with Juanes heading a list of big name performers.

HAVANA TIMES, August 22 – There’s a lot of hullabaloo these days over a concert with popular Colombian-born singer Joanes set for September 20 at Havana’s Plaza of the Revolution.

Those who dream of a pre-revolutionary Cuba are in rage that a fellow Latino who lives in Miami would dare to perform in the “communist” country they would love to destroy.

Juanes is scheduled to perform at the Plaza on the same venue with Cuban folk singer Silvio Rodriguez, the Van Van orchestra and other unannounced artists.

Some press reports state that threats on Juanes life and his family from the violence-prone right wing Cuban-American exiles in Miami has the artist considering cancelling his performance.

However, to date, both Juanes and Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto say the show will go on as planned.  Prieto called the threats shameful.

Juanes first Peace Without Borders concert took place in March 2008 along the Colombian-Venezuelan border with tens of thousands turning out at a time of much tension between the two governments.

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2 thoughts on “Juanes Peace Concert Has Its Risks

  • Performing on one of many Middle East borders would certainly be a Concert for Peace. Performing for his countrymen and singing against the FARC in Colombia would be a Concert for Peace. Peace is what one seeks when there is a war going on. Cuba, by all practical definitions, has Peace. What Cuba most desperately needs of FREEDOM, so a Concert for FREEDOM is what Juanes should and needs to do in Havana for the world to see & hear. He needs to not allow the Cuban dictators to oppress what he says or what he sings, which they will. He needs to choose freely who can join him on stage, like Willy Chirino, Gloria Estefan, Albita Rodriguez, Olga Guillot, Amaury Gutierrez, or one of thousands of other Cuban-born international artists that, because of their disagreement with the regime, are not allowed to perform in Cuba, and would need a pre-approved Visa to enter their native country. A visa that none of them would ever be granted. Cuba and Cubans do need Juanes voice, but not just to sing…

  • Cubanos,
    Please know that most Americans don’t care about pre- or post-revolution Cuba, we just care about Cuba! We want to go there, hear the music, see the beautiful landscape and meet the people. We want Cubans to travel freely in the US. About trade, I am conflicted because it is certain that once Cuba opens up to trade with the US-influenced world, there will be too many cars, pollution, and serene places ruined by hotels and tourism that only benefit the few wealthy. Yes, Cubanos, we have that in common: the workers work and the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. We own alot of stuff but 90% of it brings us no happiness.
    Your friend in the US,
    Elaine Harbison

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