Julieta Venegas at Her Cuba Concert

HT Photo Feature

Julieta Vanegas performing in Cuba.

HAVANA TIMES — The Avellaneda Hall of the National Theatre of Havana was packed this past Monday night with people anxious to see and hear the popular Mexican singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas. She was preceded by Cuban artists such as troubadour Santiago Feliu and singer Rochy Ameneiro.

Venegas’s concert was given as part of the UN global campaign to end violence against women.

Speaking about the United Nations campaign against gender violence, the author of songs like “Me voy,” “Eres para mi” and “Limon y sal” stressed the need to raise awareness about an issue that “isn’t  discussed enough.”

The Tijuana native has served as the “Cultural Ambassador of Goodwill” for the Council of Ministers for Women in Central America (COMMCA) since 2011, after being appointed as “ambassador” for the United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF) in her country in 2009.

Venegas, who has sold several million albums since her career began in 1997, has won five Latin Grammys and has just finished a new album which should hit the market in 2013.

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