Labor Reform with Mass Layoffs Begins in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 4 — The labor reform in the state sector, which will represent the laying off of half a million persons by the end of March, begins today in Cuba in the ministries of the sugar industry, agriculture, construction, public health and tourism, announced Salvador Valdés, general secretary of the Central Organization of Cuban Trade Unions, the only union organization in the country, reported IPS.

2 thoughts on “Labor Reform with Mass Layoffs Begins in Cuba

  • These layoffs are the result of the state monopoly socialism principle foisted on the movement in the next-to-last page of the second chapter of the Communist Manifesto.

    The problems of Cuba cannot be solved by tweaking the unworkable principle of state monopoly. But they can easily be solved by going over to a new socialist mode of production based on direct employee/associate ownership of the instruments of production on the Mondragon, Spain cooperative corporation model.

    Is anyone in Cuba listening?

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