Ladies in White Hopeful of Prisoner Release

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 3 – The Ladies in White, wives and relatives of Cuban political prisoners, expressed their hope that the 11 dissidents still in prison, out of those imprisoned in 2003, will be released this year, in statements to the press accredited on the island. Meanwhile, Cardinal Jaime Ortega expressed his “moral certainty” that these and others imprisoned for political reasons will be released in coming months, reported IPS.

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One thought on “Ladies in White Hopeful of Prisoner Release

  • It’s very telling of the mentality of those who rule Cuba — in the name of the people, of course — that they deal with (most all? previously so?) opposition in a manner as if we are still living in the 1950s and `60s: and there remains an ongoing need to consolidate a revolutionary and fluid, immediately-dangerous, political situation. 50 years on, there appears to be little enthusiasm for “revolution” — of any sort — in Cuba, per se, if not outright hostility to its logic and goals: because in fact, the Revolution DID happen *50 years ago*; and that was then — and this is now. And so it appears very clear that the cuban communist party, in not being able to deal effectively with the aftermath over 50 years (for whatever reasons), continues to search for its car keys under the streetlamp — because that’s where the light is — while the rest of the population less and less patiently waits on them — and begins to glance about for alternate means of transportation.

    However, the answer to reaching a dead-end in the struggle to build a living, breathing socialist society is NOT to simply mouth “socialist” phraseology out of one side of the mouth — while making deals with the capitalist enemy and their representatives out of the other. And I’ve said enuff on what is to be done, elsewhere here.

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