Ladies in White Thwarted in Cuba

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES, April 18 — Cuba’s internationally famous “Ladies in White” were not allowed today to carry out their traditional Sunday march demanding freedom for their imprisoned husbands and sons.  After a stand off with police and counter-protestors, the women were forced to mount a bus and leave the area, reported AP.

The nine women who have been holding the only ongoing public protest on the island were told recently that they need a permit to carry out their march, something they refused to request, state the authorities.

The news agency reports that the far more numerous counter-demonstrators shouted “Down with the worms!”  “This street belongs to Fidel”, encircling the women and making it impossible to hear their shouts of “Freedom.”

The Cuban government considers the Ladies and their jailed relatives to be mercenaries on the payroll of the United States.

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