Letter Says Fidel Castro Still Around But…

Diego Maradona with the letter he received from Fidel Castro.

HAVANA TIMES — According to government sources, Fidel Castro wrote a four page letter to his Argentine friend and soccer great Diego Maradona on Sunday, but the content has thus far not been revealed.

Maradona said he was very pleased to receive the letter from the Comandante after a weekend stay in Cuba to film a couple sessions of his TV program.

But many questions still remain about the state of Fidel Castro. If he is well enough to write an extensive letter to Maradona, why did he choose not to entertain a visit from him?

Nearly a month after the return of the remaining Cuban Five members, why is there no report of Fidel welcoming them home?

What does Fidel think about his brother’s secret negotiations with the Obama administration that led to what appears to be a far reaching rapprochement with the United States, which just included the release of 53 political prisoners from Cuban jails?

The coming days or weeks could bring some answers to both the state of Fidel’s health, he was last seen in public in January 2014, and his views on the sharp turn of current events in Cuba.

8 thoughts on “Letter Says Fidel Castro Still Around But…

  • Commandante will live for ever!!!

  • And pro-Castro Cubans aren’t ARROGANT, RACIST and LEFT-WING FANATICS. Are you kidding? Besides, who is to say what and who “represents” Cuba. Most foreigners think of Fidel, rum, salsa and the mulatta with the fruit basket on her head. As far as I am concerned that’s the WORST representation of Cuba.

  • I guarantee you, there will be celebrations in Cuba as well. Not out in the open, because even in death Fidel will cast a long a frightening shadow. But many Cubans, in the privacy of their homes, be raising a toast to the death of the tyrant,

    “¡Uno abajo, uno más para ir!”

  • That’s right. There were street celebrations in Miami when JFK was assasinated.

  • “When the news of Fidel passing is made public, you won’t be able to find standing room in the Versailles restaurant in Miami because of the celebrating and Calle Ocho will be a street party”

    Thats true, but those Cubans you mentioned are the worst representations of being Cuban! Arrogant, Racist , right wing fanatics!

  • When you can’t attack the comment, attack the commenter, Is that what you think?

  • You certainly seem to take no rest from your vileness efforts, Moses.

  • During the last months and weeks of his life, Nelson Mandela was kept out of the public eye as well. He was said to be resting comfortably and surrounded by beloved grandchildren and close friends paid final visits. From a human perspective, no matter how badly one has treated others, there is a reverence for the dying. It’s kinda’ sad Fidel Castro’s life will likely be wrapped in speculation and mystery until the bitter end. For all the supporters he may have around the world, it is his equal number of detractors who are determining the quality of his last days. If he were as legitimately beloved as Mandela was, he would not have to obscure the state of his health. As far as I know, there were no street parties organized by White South Africans to celebrate the announcement of Mandela’s. When the news of Fidel passing is made public, you won’t be able to find standing room in the Versailles restaurant in Miami and Calle Ocho will be a street party. The saying really must be true, “There is no rest for the wicked”.

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